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Get Carter
Get Carter, 2004  
by Anthony Donnelly
£ 860 is the UK's largest online gallery with a huge collection of contemporary art from around the world.

Founded in 1997, we represent over 2000 selected artists. Our wide variety of styles and genres can match any taste or budget. And with a range of services to help you make the right choice, we could not make buying art any simpler.

Either pay the asking price or use our make an offer facility - for any of 50,000 or so original works.

You can browse our galleries by artist or type of work. We provide sections on abstraction, figurative, still lives, sculpture, drawing, craft and digital art, as well as the many themed exhibitions we curate weekly.

640 figurative artists

570 abstract artists

470 landscape artists

200 photographers

many many more
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Ice Island
Ice Island, 2008  
by Ali Shokri
£ 910
Every week highlights one artist from our online art collection that our specialist team of selectors feel warrants additional attention and recognition. Click on Artist of the Week to find out more.
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The Bather
The Bather, 2015  
by Anthony Barrow
£ 1610
Twice a week, Londonart's online gallery panel pick out one piece of artwork from over 50,000 artworks that are displayed in our online art galleries. Today the panel has chosen a work that, in its judgement, is distinguished both technically and aesthetically, and is our recommended investor's choice.

Red Iris
Red Iris, 2006  
by Dan  Green
£ 1000
Art Consultancy - we can curate art in any space: home, office or commercial and with over 2000 artists to choose from we have more choice than any other art company.

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Pears & Lemon (SOLD)
Pears & Lemon (SOLD), 2008  
by Adriana Eyzaguirre
£ 830
We have some really fantatstic artists shortlisted for our curators' Xmas selection, all of whose work has been collected by connoisseurs from around the world.

Selections range from London scenes by Simon Fairless, one of our biggest sellers here on Londonart, to amazing sculptures by Steve Yeates ,whose work we have recently displayed in Dublin's premier hotel at Clontarf Castle.

We have also included work by two of our favorite figurative artists, Carl Chapple and Susan Mulley Bennett, both of whom have work in the personal collection of Londonart's proprietor.
David Stanley's brilliant semi abstract paintings of water and the landscape look really great in the many spaces around the UK we have helped to curate for hotels, corporations and hospitals.
There are many others included,so do take a few minutes to explore some of our favourite artists.

Eternal Sunshine
Eternal Sunshine, 2014  
by Roger Colson
£ 2200

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Red Hat
Red Hat, 2010  
by Kelly-Anne Davitt
Commission a portrait by one of our many talented Portrait Artists.

Go here to view our extensive collection of portraiture, created by Londonart's exceptional portrait artists working in a diversity of mediums and styles. Whether you intend to commission a portrait of yourself, a member of your family or a friend, or on behalf of an organisation, we will mediate with your selected artist and arrange all of the finer details.
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Where we live
Where we live, 2001  
by Julie Beresford
£ 80
Emile Zola said, 'The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work,' so here is a selection of artworks on offer from 50 to 280 that show giving art as a gift can suit any pocket.

Alternatively, londonart gift vouchers make an ideal present for friends and loved ones. They are available at any value and can be used as part of a purchase or to commission a portrait painting. Also included with our vouchers is an art of love catalogue, which usually retails at 10. Contact us to order a voucher or find out more.

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