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Ai Weiwei at the Church of Sant Antonin
venice bienalle , Venice
Ai WeiweiMy favourite collateral event is Ai Weiwei for his exhibition - Disposition at the church of Sant'Antonin in Castelle, put on by the Zuecca project space in collaboration with the Lisson gallery.

It was difficult to imagine a life with 24 hour supervision of everything you do, but if want to find out, visit this exhibition. there are 6 very large rectangular cast iron box’s with a single door, each one has a hyper realist diorama of Ai Weiwei life’s in a prison cell with permanent guards observing everything you he does, the detail he go’s into is staggering whilst disturbing. The 6 cubicles represent Supper, Accusers, Cleansing, Ritual, Entropy and Doubt.

Ai Weiwei was also represented by a curated show on the Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore, the work – Dust to Dust made in 2009 is a glass storage jar, contained within is the dust of a crushed Neolithic ceramic vase, destroyed by the artist and thus turning an ancient vase into a modern one, translating the container into the contained.

Paul Wynter