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My Favourite Choices by Carolina Alotus

As one of our most popular artists Carolina Alotus has been featured as Londonart’s Artist of the Week. To read her archived review please click here
To view Carolina Alotus work, general exhibition pages and to look at her biography please click here

Lymmvale Shallows by David Stanley

David Stanley has been one of Londonart’s Artist of the Week
Lymmvale Shallows
Untitled 7

Untitled 7 by Fernando Carballa

La Garza by Manuel Duboé

La Garza
Freefall 5

Freefall 5 by Jane Fairhurst

doing nothing, just living by Morten Jørgensen

doing nothing, just living

744 by Nacho Lascaray

HiperDresses #3 by Alexander Manujlovich

HiperDresses #3
Seed Form (hanging)

Seed Form (hanging) by Pat Rae