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Christian Furr, Charles Willmott, David Watmough, Mary Louise Coulouris, Alex Holland, Stella Dunkley, Ralph Shephard, Anthony Barrow, Carolina Alotus. is proud to present My Favourite Choices, a collection of online exhibitions which have been created by some of our most popular and best selling artists.

"My Favourite Choices, is a collaborative celebration of some of the finest artworks exhibited online with A selection of our best selling, and most popular artists have each chosen their favourite works. We can't be more thrilled by the depth and variety of works they have chosen. These are the investor's choices." says Paul Wynter, Managing Director of

In 2006 invited a selection of some of our most talented and well-liked artists to curate an online exhibition. Each selector was given the task of bringing together an exhibition of works which would give insight into their own work, and acknowledge the work of their respected contemporaries. To create their exhibition, each invited artist was asked to choose ten or more, from over ten thousand artworks exhibited on Londonart. They were also invited to include one of their own artworks to introduce and lead their exhibition, and to supply an informal introduction and context to their choices. My Favourite Choices aims to acknowledge and compliment all of the artists involved - from the selectors to the selected.

"I was pleased when Londonart asked me to curate an online show of artists. I particularly was interested in the idea because it gave me a reason to allow myself the time to see what other artists are doing, how their imaginations are working." Says Mary Louise Coulouris, a painter based in England and Greece.

My Favourite Choices, collectively celebrates the work of over 100 artists working in a wide range of styles and genres, and includes, painters, sculptors, printmakers, photographers and mixed media artists. As well as including artists from the UK, My Favourite Choices showcases a geographical diversity of artists including, Russia, Mexico, Greece, China, Holland, Spain, Norway, Cyprus, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Israel, and Argentina, and Switzerland.

From over 1000 artists with over 100,000 artworks to choose from, the paintings of David Stanley and Reg Eldridge have been selected three times, by three different artists. Tobias Billing, Slava Groshev, Carlos Larracilla, Alan Mynall, Kathy Prest and Ed Chapman have all been selected twice, as well as the selectors unknowingly picking each others artwork.


My Favourite Choices by Alex Holland

Alex Holland has carved out a lively career as a freelance photographer. Using both black and white and colour photography, Alex's cityscapes reflect some of London's most prominent landmarks and skylines.
Untitled (O/03/16)
parrots and penguins

My Favourite Choices by Peter Rodulfo

Peter Rodulfo’s career spans over twenty five years and has maintained a prolific and constant output of work. Utilising a variety of mediums and techniques his work crosses, painting, sculpture, collage, relief and construction. "I work largely from memory and imagination." he says. "I am more interested in the inaccuracies of memories than by their precision, and so my work treads the borderline between dreams and reality. "

My Favourite Choices by Stella Dunkley

Stella Dunkley takes direct inspiration from the landscapes and seascapes of the World. Painting in both oil and acrylic paint her current series of works exhibited with us, from, Burnished Seas to Saffron Skies III , exploit the beauty of the setting sun.
Choco Latte

My Favourite Choices by Anthony Barrow

Anthony Barrow, a member of NAPA, the National Acrylic Painters Association has been painting for over twenty years. Predominantly a figurative artist Anthony has a prolific output which often overflows into the disciplines of landscape, still life and abstract painting.

My Favourite Choices by Ralph Shephard

Ralph Shephard was granted honorary membership of the British Society of Painters in 2004. He was also made an Associate member of the National Association of Painters, Sculptors, and Printmakers in the same year. The British Society of Painters was founded in 1987 and is dedicated to promoting and preserving the craft of the traditional artist. Other Fellows include Pietro Annigoni, Rowland Hilder OBE, Terence Cuneo OBE, CVO, and David Shepherd OBE. Shephard has exhibited with The British Society of Painters, The National Society of Painters, and the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists. He has participated in numerous exhibitions across the UK including, The White Room Gallery, Huddersfield, The Portland Gallery, Manchester and The Gulbenkian Gallery, Newcastle.
In This Quiet Earth
Untitled 7

My Favourite Choices by Carolina Alotus

Carolina Alotus is a successfully exhibiting artist throughout Europe and abroad. Dividing and balancing her talent between two different and diverse styles of work, Carolina finds inspiration in and from her raw, textural abstract paintings and her smooth and highly polished flower paintings.

My Favourite Choices by Mary Louise Coulouris

Mary Louise Coulouris has had over twenty one man exhibitions across Britain, France, America and Greece and has been awarded numerous awards and scholarships. Her work is held in numerous private and public collections and has become something of a serious art buyer's gem. Collections include; Sainsbury's PLC, Scottish Natural Heritage, Hambros Bank, Trinity College Oxford, New York Public Library, House of Lords, and the Royal Bank of Scotland. Mary Louis Coulouris has had work published in a variety of high profile national photographic magazines and has also successfully exhibited throughout the country.
W J Smith

My Favourite Choices by David Watmough

David Watmough was born in Lincolnshire where he spent the early part of his career. In 1972 he moved to London to Study at the Slade School of Fine Art, London. The knowledge and technique David Watmough has acquired, in a career spanning over 30 years has become his anchor rather than a dead weight, and with each new work his creativity enlightens. "I believe that a picture can make a difference to a person's life - particularly a hand made image." Says David - and in him and his work we believe too.

My Favourite Choices by Charles Willmott

Charles Willmott is a figurative painter with over forty years of painting experience and a passion for performance and dance. Charles has worked with the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and the Royal Ballet, covering a number of productions including, Tim Albery's Macbeth and Michael Attenborough's direction of The Herbal Bed. He has also worked extensively with principal dancers such as Miyako Yoshida and Darcey Bussell.
Tasha - Rock Chick