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The Art of Love 2004

Londonart's call for entries invited artists and poets to submit works on the theme of love for an exhibition at the Arndean Gallery, 23 Cork Street, London, from the 9th-14th February 2004. From around 900 submitted entries, around 120 artworks were selected to appear in the gallery, and the eventual winning entry as chosen by our panel was Zachary Walsh's 'The Kiss. Second was Sally Gatie's 'Inside Out' and third was Mary Jane Ansell's 'The One'.

All the poetry submitted was shown in the gallery, and Andrew Motion, Poet Laureate, selected his personal favourites to be printed in the catalogue accompanying the show. He also chose the three winners shown below - Jacqui Shapiro won first prize for Outgrown, Chris Ridge was second with Valentine '93 and Collette Lawler was third with i>Robert

The winning artists each received prize money of £500, £300 and £200 respectively.

Submitted images and poems

Shortlisted work that appeared in the show

Catalogues for the art of love are available, price £10 go here to purchase.

Private view pictures

Latest reviews on 'the art of love'


Outgrown by Jacqui Shapiro (1st prize)

Back to back we stand in ritual
of measurement. My first born, ticking clock,
my gangling hourglass, my wake-up call,
we stay, four-footed, steady as a rock.

Hold fast and then release. Now there's the trick.
I see it still - your embryonic hand
waving through water in a magic lake -
you, fishlike, still a million years from land.

My long-limbed journeyman, my wayward friend,
as surely as the life-lines on my face
one more sweet story draws towards its end -
this new one leads you to a solitary place.
Outgrown, I'll watch you scale the dizzy heights
on giant feet, your face turned to the light.


Valentine '93 by Chris Ridge (2nd prize)

Will you be my scarlet woman?
Shady lady, concubine
Courtesan or live-in lover
Say you'll be my Valentine

Will you be my cheeky chauffeur?
Downstairs cook or upstairs maid
Seamstress, temptress, matchless mistress
Make sure our coloureds never fade

Will you be my saucy sous-chef?
Willing waitress, maitresse d'
Pour my wine and wash my dishes
Save your left-overs all for me

Will you be my lady writer?
Love and lust in every line
I can be your Greek bar-keeper
You'll be Wendy Valentine

Will you be my fighter pilot?
Manicurist, usherette
Conductress, seductress, crumpet, strumpet
Take my togs to the launderette

Will you be my Wood and Walters?
Dylan Thomas, Maddy Prior
French and Saunders, Tiger Lily
Inspector Morse and male voice choir.

Will you be my First Day Cover?
Rupert Annual, Spanish wine
Win the Triple Crown for England
Beat the Welsh in extra time

If you'll be my traffic warden
I'll unclamp your wheels and mine
So we can zoom into the sunset
Valentino and Valentine.


Robert by Colette Lawlor (3rd prize)

I check the old diary
for dates,
fill the new one with names,

Red pen on pristine pages
of the year ahead, each fresh white week
still sticks at the edge.

Last August your name
was not yet noted.
I practiced it though
while your place waited.

The kiss, 2003
by Zachary Walsh
£ 1720

The kiss of Life, 2004
by Londonart, Mandy Kay and Christian Furr, photograph by Kash Gabriele Torsello
£ 220

The art of love catalogue, 2004
by LondonArt
£ 10
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