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Nick Norris

Nick Norris is an artist whose work - although essentially abstract - is rooted in his interest in landscape, particularly his awareness of space, place and experience. His work aims to evoke a response in the viewer; and although he hopes to excite in the viewer what he himself feels, this is not something he is rigid about.

Before Nick even begins to prepare for a painting he already has the outcome clearly envisioned in his minds eye. He is meticulous in the way that he approaches a painting and yet at the same time, he understands the unlikelihood of anyone else taking from his work exactly the same understanding. What is refreshing about Nick is that he works entirely to what his emotional state dictates - his is a very pure and spiritually resonant body of work; what is inspiring about it is the certainty that the effort to come to terms with it will be rewarded.

In 1996, on the strength of his painting portfolio, he was awarded a scholarship to study stone sculpture and carving for three years at the St John Cass Foundation. This work in stone is something that Nick finds particularly liberating as it allows him to work on both free-standing artistic sculpture and architectural stone carving.

The majority of Nick's work is sought by private collectors, although he has exhibited at the Henley upon Thames Art Festival, the Chelsea Flower Show, the Natural Stone Show and Visa International headquarters.

Although the images that Nick creates may be visually worlds apart - compare, for instance, 'Waiting' to 'Embankment' - the idea from which they spring is invariably the same. This preoccupation makes Nick a highly unusual artist; one that is able to reconcile a broad interest in architecture and physical aesthetics with a very personal sense of conviction.

Another aspect of Nick's career that is of significance is the work he does with young people. He recently ran a short figurative block carving course for about sixty year eight students in a local secondary school. He enjoyed it so much that he is planning to take it up again as soon as the opportunity arises.

Definitely a talent to keep an eye on, Nick's art possesses the sort of timeless quality that will ensure that it never looses its capacity to provoke and inspire.

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Midnight In A Perfect World
Midnight In A Perfect World
£ 2290