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Karen Aghamyan

Armenian-born artist Karen Aghamyan has achieved success that many artists only dream of. In 1983 he was awarded the diploma of the USSR Union of Artists for the best art work of the year, and since beginning his art career in 1970, has participated in more than 70 group exhibitions in Armenia and other countries.

Born in 1946, Karen took a pencil at an early age like all other children, and by the age of four showed incredible talents which lead to him attending the Children's Art Studio when only five years old. He later graduated from the Yerevan College of Fine Arts and in 1970 started teaching at the Yerevan Fine Arts and Theatre Institute where he was made head of the Department of Design before taking up the position of Professor in 1994.

Karen's works are not traditional - they are reserved, even hermetic. He searches, observes and mediates in different, quite unusual systems of expressiveness. Put simply, the world becomes the object of his emphasized analytic attention. Karen's compositions speak about symbolism and abstract romanticism, expressed under a new light of emotional experience of space. His paintings objects and people are painted gracefully and coolly.

Karen tries to feel the approach of inconceivable future and exhibits contact but also conflict of a man with the reality, which ties him with threads, bares nerves and makes him plunge into a situation of interaction of intellectual and emotional character. The subjects of his portraits at times resemble mannequins for being artificial, escaping from contacts and intimacy. Karen's works show a special type of contact of a man with a different environment, world, space and content. He offers his version of the world with its completeness and his own version of air, sky and water.

Karen has strong ties to artist and designers unions, and has been President of the Artist's Union of Armenia since 1998 in addition to membership to various unions and committees including the International Association of Designers, International Federation of Artists, USSR Union of Designers, USSR Union of Artists and USSR Committee of Design and Decorative Arts.

His works are in permanent collections of several museums including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Yerevan, Museum of Contemporary Art in Toulouse, France; and Museums of Magnitogorsk, Elista, and Novi Urengoy in Russia. Karen's art pieces have appeared in numerous gallery exhibitions throughout Europe including France, Germany, Czech Republic and Armenia.

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First Impression2005
First Impression2005
£ 5210

Impetuous as a Horse
Impetuous as a Horse
£ 6070