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Annette Johnson

Following in the footsteps of some of the great artists of the genre, Annette Johnson eloquently paints flowers.

Throughout the history of art, artists of all backgrounds and cultures have been inspired by the beauty of flowers. The earliest patterns on tribal pottery were often derived from flowers, vines, leaves and fruit. The delicate watercolours painted in the Victorian period depicting tiny poises and daintily painted flowers have inspired many modern painters today.

Though however steeped in history, the genre of flower painting hasn't totally escaped unscathed. To some the pastime has often been seen as something less than serious. George Brookshaw Esq, published his Treatise on Flower Painting in 1818 stating, "There are men of abilities, who think it beneath them to paint flowers, and affect to treat the branch of the art with contempt. Of such, I have only to observe, that they are total strangers to the pleasure the mind receives from the study of nature."

Often those who are asked to paint an impression of reality, such as a vase of flowers or a plant, assume that it is merely an exercise in copying, but quickly realise that the act of translation between the hand and the brain isn't as simple as that. In order to produce a work of Annette Johnson's high standard you have to be able to reflect your perception of the subject, rather than simply record it.

Johnson's ability to be inspired and visualise her own sense of perception and enthusiasm for the subject is what helps to create her inspirational paintings and prints. Born with an intrinsic and instinctive talent and flair for recording the visual world, her work confidently puts the viewer at ease and allows us to enjoy the beauty of nature. Her use of light and colour, and attention to detail is reflected in the miniscule, from the dew drops on her flowers, to the shimmer of the light on a vase.

Annette Johnson is an elected member of The National Society of Painters, Sculptors and Printmakers, and The Society of Women Artists, which was originally established in 1857 to give serious women artists the opportunity to exhibit.

Today the society has some of the finest contemporary women artists from all over the world as its elected members, including Suzanne Lucas, past President of both the Society of Botanical Artists and the Royal Miniature Society, who in 1980 was elected as the first woman president of a Royal Society. The Society has enjoyed Royal patronage since 1865 and today Princess Michael of Kent is the Patron.

Born in London, Annette has lived by the river for over twenty five years. She started painting whilst living in Boston, America and has since studied at Sir John Cass College of Art and at Morley College, London. Annette now has her own Etching Studio in Ballast Quay where she works as a full time Painter/Etcher, running a variety of printmaking workshops. Annette welcomes visitors to her studio. If you would like to visit her studio please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to arrange an appointment.

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Shell pot and snowdrop
Shell pot and snowdrop
£ 470

Found on the beach
Found on the beach
£ 740