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Mark Barnard

"My work is a bit like a diary," Barnard says, "It tells a story of what I see".

With over twenty five years of professional experience Mark Barnard finds his inspiration from the landscape. Making acute observation of land and sea, Barnard begins by visiting the landscape and making detail sketches and observations which will be used as referential material once he is back in his studio.

After spending hours absorbing the land or seascape in situ, Barnard returns to his studio to begin creating his art. With nothing more in his mind than the intensity of translating the, 'awe' of the landscape, Mark focuses on the colour, texture and mood of the piece.

"Producing art work is very important to me; it's a way of expressing myself without using the written word." At this stage the work provides Barnard with the private space to explore and reflect. His involvement in the piece at this stage becomes purely intuitive. The act of thinking into his art and allowing his imagination to guide him insures that the process of creation becomes an inventive one rather than an exercise of draftsmanship or a sterile translation of a generic technique or formula.

"I hope that the viewer will take away a sense of enjoyment from my work and experience a sense of thoughtfulness and contemplation." MB

Mark Barnard gained a First class Honours degree in Fine Art in 1976 and has spent his professional life both making art and teaching art. He has had numerous exhibitions across London and the UK and has works in private collections across Britain. Currently living and working in London his work ranges form 400 to 1000.

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Morning Mist - Earth Works Series
Morning Mist - Earth Works Series

Dykes and Ditches - Earth Works Series
Dykes and Ditches - Earth Works Series
£ 420