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Richard Young

Richard Young has been creating beautiful works of art for almost thirty years. His paintings are mainly figurative studies of the female nude, which he describes as 'the ultimate natural subject in purity of form'.

The limited palette that Richard employs is manipulated into a striking chiaroscuro effect; the figures press themselves out of the canvas and then melt back into it again. Many of the titles of the paintings featured here suggest that the model is experiencing a particular sensation. This, in turn, invokes a very personal response in the viewer.

A highly literate artist, Richard quotes Oscar Wilde as readily as his paintings betray the influence of Modigliani and Bouguereau. And yet while his inspiration may come from the end of the 19th Century, the resulting art is anything but old-fashioned. Sensuous and provocative, the women Richard depicts are strong rather than submissive.

A precocious talent lead to early competition success and media coverage before the world of engineering lured him from his true passion. A few years ago, however, he returned to his first love, working day and night in order to perfect his craft.

Nowadays, Richard is a successful and very busy artist. He has had numerous exhibitions and continues to contribute regularly to various art forums.

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Sensual Curves
Sensual Curves
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