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Steven Lynch

Steven Lynch is a prolific artist whose work encompasses a wide spectrum of artistic genres, the most challenging of which, he claims, is figurative painting. Although he paints mostly in oil colours he has recently begun to experiment with acrylic on paper.

Steven prefers to look at photographs taken by ordinary people and discover something unexpected within them - an unusual expression or action being performed by someone in the background. He enjoys contemplating what it is that might be going on; the unknowable element in everyday life. Highly experienced in photo-manipulation he is then able to scan the images rapidly and select what he wants to work with, whether it be a landscape or a still life.

Steven is also happy to take on commissions. Again, his field is wide; he has accepted requests not just for portraits, but for studies of newborn infants and favourite pets. These images are lovingly attended to, and a great deal of the sitter's personality is invested into the piece, whether it is an elderly gentleman or a black lab!

Travel is another preoccupation for Steven. The scenes he depicts come from all across the globe: Los Angeles, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Finland and Ethiopia. The number of different locations he chooses to depict reflects a keen interest in other cultures. 'Homework in Ethiopia' for instance, exposes the sharp contrast in approaches to education between the Third World and the West. It also confirms Steven as an artist with an international consciousness; one who can recognise the potential art has to communicate global issues.

Greek mythology forms yet another part of the artist's great compendium of source material. In 'Jason lands on Lemnos' for example, the artist has juxtaposed the classical tale of the adventuring Jason with a reference to Titian's 1538 depiction of Venus d' Urbino. And it is not just Renaissance Italy that features in his work; 'Basilica' and 'Bath Abbey' betray the influence of Manet and Monet respectively, whilst Seurat's Pointillism and Alfred Hitchcock's classic movie coalesce in 'Vertigo'. This not only reveals the extent of his artistic knowledge, it also demonstrates the ease and confidence with which Steven can combine these various facets of his knowledge into a coherent whole.

A truly diverse artist, his imagination can never be pinned down to one subject for very long; he is constantly seeking inspiration in new areas, whether it be from the people and scenes of life around him or the iconic images of the previous centuries. What makes him such an unusual and popular artist is the way that he refuses to be pigeonholed into any particular artistic niche.

Steven's work is currently on display in a number of private collections and he continues to be one of the best selling artists on our website.

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Han Solo with blaster
Han Solo with blaster
£ 1600

Han Solo with blaster and Princess Leia in Bikini
Han Solo with blaster and Princess Leia in Bikini
£ 5920