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Chino Benitez

"The development of my artwork is the research, combination and mixture of emotions, colours, numbers and symbols and the possible relations between them." Gabriel Chino Benítez.

Inspired by the intensity of the landscape, Gabriel's paintings draw on the desolate landscape of the Patagonia desert and hope to reflect his experiences and travels around the South of Argentina.

Using everyday objects as a central focus point - an apple, a tree and even a rolling pin have been seen to feature in his work - Gabriel Benítez uses his own sense of humour, irony and intuition to subvert and distort reality.

"In my Art I take everyday elements and try to change their ordinary condition, motivated by the thought that (at a time of vertigo in which nothing seems certain) by taking the attention to those everyday elements we receive another view."

Rather than abstracting the everyday elements of reality beyond our recognition Gabriel uses his colour and painterly style to effect our perception of them. Using the impact of colour; its spiritual relationship to each other and its effect on generating a sense of atmosphere, mood and emotion, he accentuates his symbolic often emblematic painting style, to truly surreal magnitude; creating metaphysical landscapes of dreamlike proportions.

"Upon the canvas I set the staging of a figure in the foreground, emblematic, in a desolate environment of some kind of metaphysical atmosphere. At a second level I place elements which float or are suspended, as a counterpoint or symbol of the ideals of the conscience."

Enthused by the Surrealist art of the 1930's Gabriel Chino Benítez's paintings become a visual diary of his waking dreams and hope to reflect his thoughts and emotions on to the canvas.

Born in 1964 in Buenos Aires, Argentina Gabriel trained and worked as an architect for over twenty years. Gabriel Chino Benítez's studied his postgraduate in Form and Colour at the School of Fine Arts, Ernest de la Carcova, Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2003.

In the same year Gabriel won the Dante Alighieri Painting Prize 2003 and has participated in numerous solo exhibitions and group shows since 1996. His work is in both private and public collections including ; Municipalidad Neuquen Collection, Secretaria De Cultura (public) and the Giesso - Reich Collection (private)


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glowing tree
glowing tree