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Artist of the week
Susan Mulley Bennett

Susan Mully’s elegant and mysterious ceramic figures with their roughly defined outlines and totemic proportions seek to question our relationship with mortality and our fragile sense of self.

No other earth material has so wide an importance or such extended uses, as do the clays. The use of clay in pottery making antedates recorded human history, and pottery remains provide a record of past civilisations.

By organically constructing the whole, from the sum of it’s parts, carefully shaping, moulding and then firing each clay section, almost as if she is carefully piecing together fragments of an ancient skeleton, Susan seeks to unearth and capture a sense of the human spirit intrinsically within her sculptures.

Susan Mulley’s holistic approach to the human figure permits each sculpture to dictate its own sense of form, personality and spirit, enabling us to interact with each sculpture as an individual.

Susan’s sculptures can be found within our ‘interior’ section. They make a beautiful acquisition to any home or garden.


Black Hill Rising
Black Hill Rising
£ 1430

untitled 95
untitled 95
£ 490