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Artist of the week
Michele Barnes

It is with great reason that Michele Barnes is one of our best sellers at LondonArt. Just looking through her artwork on the site is enough to make you long for the clear blue skies and stress-free afternoons of summer holidays in the Med. Citric yellow lemons sit plumply in their bowl, inviting the viewer to lean in and grab one. Through her use of cool pastel colour schemes the artist seems to invite light to flood onto the canvass and soak into the objects she depicts. These are paintings which would bring a fresh and airy atmosphere into any room, explaining why she has so many collectors and admirers.

In other works she brings in warmer pinks to give verve to the petals of a summer bloom. Fleshy tones and fading yellows bring the scene to life as she paints the sunlight playing on the gravel. This dramatic light creates a playful shadow for the plant to lie on. These wonderful paintings remind the viewer of summers spent in the Spanish sun, surrounded by a glistening array of fruit sitting on bright ceramic plates. The contrasting yellows and blues of the scene seem to emphasise the light of the midday sun. Maybe a siesta is called for?

Later on, as darkness begins to calm the day, the light changes. Barnes paints limes in Chinese bowls with a more muted set of colours that bring a tranquil quality to the canvass. With an intense respect for the language of colour, the artist creates joyous paintings of open windows, immersing the room with a flushness and radiance. Barnes captures the feelings of a certain place or atmosphere and uses certain objects that have become synonymous with her work. Having been awarded a first class honours degree in Fine Art painting, she has continually developed into the artist we see today. For these delightful works she is a worthy recipient of our artist of the week award.


5 Onions and a knife
5 Onions and a knife
£ 310

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