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Lorna Wilson

Lorna Wilson's expansive paintings submerge you in a world of rich colours. Each painting is created slowly with layer upon layer of translucent washes of colour.

Through this overpainting with thin layers of pigment the paint becomes heavy. Each individual layer is unapologetically shown and contributes to the subtle interplay of light and depth within the whole.

Wilson was born in Jamaica in the West Indies. She studied at Kingston University in England from 1986 to 1989 before going on to do a postgraduate in fine art painting at the Royal Academy School in London. Since graduating in 1992, she has continued to exhibit and sell her work widely through galleries in England and abroad.

Most recently, she has completed commissions for companies such as British Aerospace. She also produced 60 paintings for new office spaces in Brook Street, London and nine paintings for newly built apartments in High Holborn, London.

Her work is in many private collections in England, Canada, the USA, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Spain. She also has work in public collections such as Insite Development Plc, Powermark Plc, Addenbrook Hospital Cambridge, Kingston University and various restaurant venues.

Her paintings have featured regularly on the cover of Risk magazine.

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Sense of Place (storm no.4)
Sense of Place (storm no.4)

Sense of Place (storm no.3)
Sense of Place (storm no.3)
£ 790