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Escha Van Den Bogerd

For anyone who appreciates the study of the nude figure, Escha's work is a treat. Combining striking compositions against an abstract background in complete harmony, she creates paintings that are strong in their content, yet delivered with underlying femininity and sensitivity.

She learned her skills from art schools all around Europe, including ones in Florence and Salzburg, as well as in her native Holland, where she first studied at the Rudolf Steiner school. Favouring mainly to work in acrylic, she adds to this dripping, pouring and glazing techniques so that her work always demonstrates a certain vibrancy. The static nature of the nude gains an enlightening insight into the energy of the character beneath, with dashes of paint layered around the figure to create a buzzing backdrop.
Sometimes her scenes are not so abstract, as the influence of her many years spent travelling is brought in. Some show figures in hamams, the middle-eastern public baths, or geisha type girls inspired by her time spent in Japan. Escha is particularly interested in this cross-section, of harnessing the spirituality of the orient and using her own painterly style that developed under the contemporary European school. The refreshing thing about her work is this combination of the traditional figure painting with her contemporary style and influence of the many countries she has visited. There is nothing staid or fussy in her work, instead there is a sense of the exotic and dream-like, evoked through her subtle palette and dynamic brushstrokes. There is no feeling that the figure is formally arranged, rather we get the feeling we have caught a glimpse of a natural moment. Her longest time spent abroad was in New Zealand where she lived for four years and was where she first started exhibiting, she soon afterwards had exhibitions in Japan, Europe and the US. She is available via Londonart to undertake portrait commissions, and her prices start from around 340, preferring to work form photographs rather than several sittings.

Apart from portraits she has produces murals for adults and children and has worked for art publishers in Europe on her travel themes. Escha is currently living back in Holland, and continues to paint prolifically. Many of her works can be viewed on the Londonart site, where her style has proved constantly popular.

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Watching monroe, warholl
Watching monroe, warholl
£ 3490

At the Louvre Paris figure painting original acrylic on canvas
At the Louvre Paris figure painting original acrylic on canvas
£ 2630