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Diane Griffiths

Born in 1981, Diane Griffiths began painting during her early school years. During high-school, Griffiths was awarded the privilege of having one of her paintings put on display in the Head Teacher's office - an honour that the judicious, devoted students among us will appreciate the magnitude of! Griffiths accredits her school tutors as having had an indispensable hand in teaching her the essentials of technique, but it is clear that she has found her voice and established her style since escaping the confines of education. Griffiths is one of London Art's most talented landscape artists and her online exhibition receives rising admired attention.

Specialising in watercolour and acrylic, Griffiths' work depicts the city, land and waterscapes of Europe. From the canals of the Netherlands and the waterworks of Venice, depicted in Canal De Groen and Canal San Railto, to the Devon coastline which she skilfully illuminates in A Stroll Along The Beach At Teignmouth, her work seeks to give an impressionistic view of the world around us. Griffiths has a propensity for intense use of colour and areas built up with small brush marks. The more conservative of her work is painted in a style reminiscent of the French painter and printmaker, Pierre Bonnard [A Stormy Beckley, 2006]. Occasionally, Griffiths' strays from her traditional impressionist affinity as she incorporates bold, Lichtenstein-esque black or white outlines to her cityscapes [Architecture in Leidseplein, 2005 and Arco of Santa Marta, 2006]. Like Bonnard, Griffiths does not paint from life but rather photographs the scene and makes notes on the colours, later she paints the canvas in the comfort and solitude of her London home.

The landscapes Griffiths paints are self-proclaimed "idealistic fantasises of reality". "I'm not a fan of coherence when it comes to art. My paintings often suit my mood, and my mood more often than not, is subject to life around me." She continues, "To me painting is escapism; it allows real thinking time away from the grindstone. My emotional state of mind varies greatly from painting to painting, dependant, fortunately or not, on my day." Indeed, in an age when stress, anxiety, depression and their related symptoms are endemic, the call for 'time out' is an essential one. While the focus of painting affords Griffiths her distraction from the afflictions of modern day living, the resulting artwork offers viewers a time to meditate, reflect and be inspired.

Griffiths is devoted to her craft and her work asserts a maturity and sensitivity that is developed beyond her years. To Griffiths, "Art is more than visual representation, it's about appetite, stimulation, fascination, and infatuation." Griffiths seeks to give the viewer a modest 'moment of interruption' from their daily lives. That said, her exhibition at London Art offers something more on a par with an exhilarating escape!

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The Headland Hotel and Fistral Beach
The Headland Hotel and Fistral Beach
£ 150

Fistral Beach Sunset Acrylic Landscape Painting Canvas Cornwall Art
Fistral Beach Sunset Acrylic Landscape Painting Canvas Cornwall Art