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Andrew Isaenkov

At the age of forty, Andrew Isaenkov has documented and mapped his visual journey through life, and in turn has created an outstanding back catalogue of paintings. "I find my inspiration for my work in the simple things which surround me every day. Nature in its wide understanding as the world at whole, real and fantastic, inner and external, and surprise to its mystery." He says.

A native of Krasnoyarsk, Russia where he continues to live and work, he successfully completed his first degree in 1985 and began a flourishing career as a contemporary Russian painter. After a number of years as a professional artist he was invited to undertake a six year programme of intense postgraduate study at, Krasnoyarsk State Artistic Institute from 1987 to 1993. This period proved to be both enriching and instructive and gave identity to both his technical and creative talents.

Specialising in oil on canvas, Isaenkov's masterly handling of paint and colour intensifies his subject to incandescent proportions. His earlier work, which tended to be more abstract, was successfully received by the public, collectors, galleries and institutions, and was recognised by the Russian Ministry of Culture in 2000 when they awarded him a grant.

A recent shift in both subject and content has led to a series of works of exceptional merit. The reintroduction of recognisable form and subject matter has both simplified and intensified his work and has allowed him to demonstrate where his true talent rests. His choice of realistic form and vivid colour juxtaposed against an abstract ground of textural space, seen in the work of, Apples, Bull and Poems, has enabled him to amalgamate his expertise across genres. The resulting work is both imaginative and inspired.

Andrew Isaenkov has work in private collections across Russia. He has taken part in numerous group and solo exhibitions including the, International Exhibition, Solo Square, Russia and Art Fresh Siberia, Novosibirsk.

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Trans-Siberian Express
Trans-Siberian Express
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