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Jo Jenkins

The mysterious, sparse art of Jo Jenkins suggests a world just beyond our senses. A distant warmth glows through her work which often resembles a once dreamed of horizon or a sunlit mist. The inherent peace in these settings has been captured by the artist and seeps through her work, staying with the viewer. She paints the echoes and the vibrations of landscapes, rather than focusing on the heavy outlines or rigorous structure. By blanking out the occasional details and revealing others the artist exhibits a masterful control over her viewers. It is this playfulness which lends the work its endearing nature, creating the mood and tension and convincing the viewer to return to the piece time after time.

Jenkins never fails to capture the feeling of a passing moment with deft skill and keen eye, suggesting the patterns of the settings and abstractly capturing their emotions. Despite the heavily abstract nature of the paintings they remain distinctly inspired by landscape and never lose their connection with their environment. Her work always shines through whether inspired by the calm and peace of the natural world or the brooding sensation of a coming storm. She captures the oddly unnerving feeling of the untamed planet, suggesting that the key action may well take place in the corner of your eye or just out of sight.

Cubist shapes blend with abstract colours and landscape details, creating an indefinite image that appears to change the more a viewer looks. It is this organic, growing feeling that is so familiar from the natural world that stays with you long after viewing. The merging of styles also creates enough interest to ensure that the audience returns to the paintings time after time.

Having retired from a successful career teaching art she now captures the form and feeling of the Cheshire countryside fulltime, much to the delight of her audience. She finds inspiration from the places she has been on her travels. Her work is a representation of both the scenes she has viewed and the emotions she experienced while seeing them.

Alan Perkins


A Strange Uprushing of Time
A Strange Uprushing of Time
£ 650

Blow High
Blow High
£ 730