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Artist of the week
Rumen Dragiev

These are paintings for people who appreciate an optimistic blast of colour on their walls. Rumen Dragiev says he wants to create artworks to brighten any mood and a cursory look through his portfolio will show the viewer he has done just that. With heavy paints handled in big, confident strokes he creates canvasses, painted in oil, that express a simple joy and child like wonder. Champagne receptions are captured in pinks and yellows, while overhead flowers stream like confetti. He uses the reflection of a rainy street to capture the glistening street lights above a car parked in a riot of green and red leaves. White flashes burst across forest scenes, dancing and sweeping along in the autumnal breeze. In other works he shows his ability to capture the frenzy and intense excitement of a Friday night in his wonderful post-Impressionist painting. His use of perspective really makes the canvas come to life and makes the viewer want to return again for another look. His street disappears off to some unknown horizon, making the whole scene buzz with the feeling of possibility and glorious uncertainty.

This highly talented Bulgarian artist manages to capture the rippling rhythm of a night time London scene, complete with football shaped yellow lamps resonating above people’s heads. His interpretation is equal parts Dickens and shining modernity. His good natured humour shines through as he paints the victory of a chicken standing on top of a KFC bucket, while a solo nude celebrates the joyous sensation of the natural world. When he chooses to express pure abstraction he does so with a wonderful handling of colour and flashes of light. The big, intangible, emotions of life are brought to form in joyful, expressive works that would enliven the room of any collector. It is for his understanding of colour and sheer love of life that we are pleased to announce Rumen Dragiev as our artist of the week.


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