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Artist of the week
Stephen Mitchell

At LondonArt we realise how much our customers appreciate the elegant beauty and delicate innovation of impressionistic paintings. Works of this style and quality are always incredibly popular and the art of Stephen Mitchell is a very fine example of it.

By mixing the styles of Degas, Sickert, Klimt and a part of his own invention, this painter has created a wonderful portfolio of creative and elegant paintings. Any room would be graced by one of his seascapes, a portrait of one of his more expressive pieces. This is art for anyone who loves the craft of painting and loves the skill used to create such lasting beauty. By capturing the coastline of around his home in Cornwall, as well as painting the scenery from his travels, Mitchell succeeds in creating works which resonate with the warmth of a summerís day. His artistic flare is perfectly suited to this scenery and his art breathes with the scented breeze of summer and transports the viewer to easy days spent watching boats on the harbour.

Throughout this collection, the viewer gains examples of the range of abilities and talents of this established artist. His studies of the human body in Idrium and Elysium show the many different ways he can approach this eternal subject matter. In Acis and Galatea he shows the intricate and symmetrical beauty of bodies interacting with each other in the throes of passion. When he introduces expressive patches of colour, he does so in a manner which emphasises the bodies of his subjects, increasing the power of the image and never detracting from the emotional heart of his scene. What viewer could fail to be moved by the delicate and assured renderings of the Amalfi coast, which Mitchell paints with such loving detail, or by the shimmering blue of the ocean surrounding Corsica?

This is the kind of work that would make an ideal gift. Any art lover would appreciate the skill and style of this collection, which is why we are proud to announce Stephen Mitchell as our artist of the week.

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 The Gathering, Iguazu Falls
The Gathering, Iguazu Falls
£ 740

London Cityscape Triptych
London Cityscape Triptych
£ 2070