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Sophy Bristol

Bristol's natural ability to manipulate colour and form combined with her sensitive approach to translating human emotion on to a two-dimensional picture plane, results in some enthralling and optimistic figurative paintings of animated human activity.

Her instinctive aptitude to transform seemingly mundane scenes of everyday activity in to bustling, assiduous, energetic environments comes from a genuine familiarity and affection for the people and places she depicts. Her economical use of descriptive painterly gesture combined with her balanced compositions of cordial colour and light give's her paintings a photographic 'snap-shot' like quality.

Bristol's artwork exists at the edges and limits of representation, between the boundaries of painting and photography, creating a unique way of eloquently reflecting her own sentiment and emotion while empathetically documenting human activity.

Sophy is based in Dulwich. Her work has been sold in the UK, USA, South Africa and Hong Hong. She has just had a successful exhibition in Shepherd Market, W1 in June.

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kew Pond Autumn
kew Pond Autumn
£ 1770

Brockwell park Spring Time
Brockwell park Spring Time