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BUY ART - Merry-go-round
by Noriko Michigami, view more artworks, artist's cv
20.32" x 16.2" (50.8 by 40.5cm.), Lino Cut

Born in Japan, Noriko Michigami moved to the UK as a child. "Soon after I began painting in England I became aware that mostly my sense of sensibilities originated in Japan…" She says, adding, " The simplicity and the sense of 'Praise of shadows' and the Japanese traditional concept of 'mono-no-aware' to understand and respond to the appeal of objects to the human heart, effect not only my emotion, but they make my perception". Shaped by her memory and emotions, she is particularly interested in how light and shadow affects the work, both visually and psychologically. Her use of colour, particularly her brown sepia washes, helps to create a strong sense of isolation and melancholy. Noriko Michigami has works in private collections throughout the U.K.

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