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BUY ART - Teacup and Lemon 2
Teacup and Lemon 2
Teacup and Lemon 2
by Lynne Cartlidge, view more artworks, artist's cv
8.32" x 10.4" (20.8 by 26cm.), Oil on board, framed in wooden box frame, external measurements 38.2cm x 32.9cm, at exhibition

The still lives of Lynne Cartlidge are some of the most subtle you will ever see, undoubtedly. Suffused with light and barely there, her compositions are understated but incredibly engaging. It is fitting that one of her compositions is entitled "Tulips with gauze curtains" for in fact, her domestic tableaux seem to be somehow veiled by light itself, making the subjects more distant and piquant. Embracing a largely cool palette, even the hot, bright accents she uses at times are presented in saturated colours, including red poppies, which is no mean feat! Her palette is unusual and perhaps influenced by the Cornish painters, whose work reflected the bright light of the region.

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