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BUY ART - Begegnung I
Begegnung I
Begegnung I
by Rudolf Kosow, view more artworks, artist's cv
58.4" x 58.4" (146 by 146cm.), oil on canvas

Rudolf Kosow was born in Kazachstan in 1972 and for the last fourteen years has lived and worked in Stuttgard, Germany. Rudolf is a still life and figurative painter working in oil on canvas. His use of light and the interplay of shadow creates a strong sense of atmosphere within each piece, guiding the eye and illuminating the composition. His work aims to produce a sense of calm, harmony and rest within the viewer, only achievable through a pictorial clarity that reflects a confident master. His natural talent and ability allows us to clear our minds of the everyday, and encourages us to interpret the work in a way unique to ourselves.

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