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Brighton's West Pier UK
Brighton's West Pier UK
by Shaun Hines, view more artworks, artist's cv
16" x 20" (40 by 50cm.), Archival Ink Jet Print

Hines completed a City in Guilds in photography in the early eighties and quickly became dedicated to photography, the people and scenes before his camera. His early fascination with cinematography helped him to establish a comfortable relationship with the camera, and confident composure to his work. In this way Hines creates his work not as a bystander or street photographer, both of which imply a degree of passivity, but through his camera he illuminates what interests him without consciously trying to do so. His work doesn’t evoke a political agenda, concept or message yet doesn’t detach its self from the perception of the person that created it. He has an instinctive relationship with the camera which enables him to illuminate the feeling for the beauty or incongruity of the moment he is seeing without any seemingly conscious of preconceived effort. All of Shaun's prints are sold double mounted making them 40cm x 50cm in size.

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