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BUY ART - life drawing: kneeling
life drawing: kneeling
life drawing: kneeling
by Suzanne Lykiard, view more artworks, artist's cv
7.6" x 11.2" (19 by 28cm.), charcoal and indian ink

Suzanne Lykiard studied Graphic Design in 1982 and after working in the industry for a number of years, began painting professionally in 2001. Predominantly a figurative painter she finds additional inspiration from typography and packaging and uses a variety of mediums to reflect this. "The main body of my work revolves around the human form, in many media: drawings, mono prints, lino prints and etchings. I have a desire to capture a just a little part of its beauty. "Suzanne Lykiard has taken part in a number of exhibitions and Art Fairs across the south of England.

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