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BUY ART - Profile of a sunset
Profile of a sunset
Profile of a sunset
by zac greening, view more artworks, artist's cv
22.4" x 22.4" (56 by 56cm.), mylar and mixed media

Zac Greening Zac Greening’s work explores the ordered geometry in tension with chaos found within nature, using metal to create sculptures that are timeless, unlike the subject matter they will not decay. He peers into the secret beauty through magnified forms, an anemones perfect fractal merging into chaos of molton drips. The choice of manmade materials, to make sometimes stark imposing sculptures or treasure like plaques awakens a sense of the precious and fragile quality of the natural world. He toys with scale, so that ‘Seed’ could be mistaken for a model planet, it reflects in its cracked intriguing surface the mundane world in which it is set.

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