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Alice Andreoli - Commission a portrait
Alice Andreoli

You're a quick step away from a portrait by one of Italy's rising portrait artists Alice Andreoli. Send six photographs of yourself or a loved one, and in 3 weeks time you could have an original Andreoli hanging on your wall.

Recently commission by the Venice Water Authority to complete a unique commission linked to the Venice, 'La Biennale', Alice Andreoli's is fast becoming one of Italy's rising stars. Born in Italy in 1979, Alice now lives and works in Venice. After completing her BA at the Accademia di Belle Arti, Venice, she is currently completing a postgraduate course under Professor Di Raco at the Accademia di Belle Arti.

A Portrait Artist with over ten years experience and intense tutoring, Andreoli is particularly fascinated with her sitter's eyes. "What I like most" she says, "is the expression in their eyes. People's eyes are the mirror of their souls - they can talk to me."

Working in acrylic on canvas in a range of different sizes her work offers a contemporary and fresh approach to portraiture. Preferring to work from photographs, she requires a selection of photographs from various perspectives and view points, including a close up of the sitters face.

For a portrait measuring 40cm by 30cm her prices begin at £400. For one measuring 50cm by 40cm prices start at £500, and for a portrait measuring 80cm by 70cm prices start at £900. Alice often works much larger and has completed works as large as 200cm by 80cm. If you which to commission a large portrait her prices are available on request and will very much depend on the nature of the portrait.

Click on Alice's name to view a further selection of Alice Andreoli works which are displayed in her general exhibition space.