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mark thirlwell - Commission a portrait
mark thirlwell

Mark Thirlwell has been painting people and animal portraits for over ten years and portraiture continues to be an important part of his full-time hybrid practice.

Together with commissions his varied and sometimes witty self-portraits have sold on a regular basis. Mark works in oils on canvas and also pencil, pastel and ink on paper. He has a First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art and is currently taking a break from his MA to further establish his working practice.

Mark prefers to work from preliminary drawings of the subject together with his own photographs should the sittings be short ones. However he can work from photographs provided by the sitter if necessary. This latter method of working is reflected in the lower end of the price range.

Portraits on paper start from £300 for a typical 84cm x 59 cm work and take around a fortnight to complete. An oil portrait of a similar size will start from £450, these will take around six weeks on average to complete. The price of any work will increase once travelling costs are considered.
Useless Old Woman
Horse 1 (Drawing)
Horse portrait
Double Portrait