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Andrew Fitchett - Commission a portrait
Andrew Fitchett

Andrew Fitchett's popularity as a talented Commission a Portrait artist reflects his ability to capture a physical likeness of the sitter as well as a true essence of their character, personality and soul.

"…Fascinated by the mental images we carry of people", Andrew Fitchett has been painting portraits for over 15 years.

Producing a staggering fifteen portraits in the last eight months, Andrew's most recent selection of portraits culminated in a one man show, entitled Talking Heads at The Star Gallery, Lewes.

Receiving national coverage and acclaim, his work reflects all aspects of the creative process of portrait painting, from the experience of the sitter, to the artist's relationship to their subjects.

"If you mention the name of somebody I know, I see an image of them in my mind, not a photographic image but certainly a strong visual sense of the person and a non verbalised sense of who they are. It is a kind of distillation of the person, and that is what I try to capture when I make a portrait".

Preferring to work from sittings, Andrew requires approximately four to six sittings lasting two to three hours per sitting. Initially making several observational drawings and taking a variety of photographs, he will only begin working on your portrait once he is satisfied that he has a thorough understanding of your character and appearance.
It will take Andrew approximately four weeks to complete your painting, although this does depend on the nature of the commission and the availability of the sitter.

Specialising in oil on canvas/ linen and pencil on paper portraiture Andrew's prices depend on the complexities of each commissioned portrait.

To give you a general idea of his starting prices and sizes, please refer to the list below.

40cm x30cm oil on linen - £1000
50cm x 60cm oil on linen - £1600
80 x 100cm oil on linen - £2700

Please note: for information on his prices for pencil on paper, larger sizes and group portraiture, please contact us directly.

Click on Andrew's name to view a further selection of Andrew Fitchett works which are displayed in his general exhibition space.

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