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Dan Green

Dan Green's extraordinary portraiture fills a room with a sense of optimistic verve. Full of life, energy and poise his work reflects a desire to achieve a primary goal. "That the portrait is in the first instance a true likeness of the person depicted, but also beyond that creates an overall character of the person, as they are at that particular moment in time. "

"Each portrait is different, each face is different." Says Dan Green. "It is this diversity that primarily attracts me to try and capture the essence of that person, in their look and in the details of their faces."

To make the resulting painting appear as if it represents a snapshot in time, Green prefers to work initially from a sitting. His portraits are generally built up using several sketches and photographs, and this primary meeting allows him to collate all the visual information he needs. Creating his portraits involves sketching, and taking photographs. Much of his preparatory work is also carried out on the computer, manipulating the images prior to painting on canvas. The nature of each commission dictates the cost but to give you an idea his prices start at £600 for canvas 50cms x 50cms. Price would then increase proportionally with greater size of canvas. His pastels begin at £300 and drawings from £200. A commission may take anything from two to six weeks to complete.

Green, who has two degrees, attained a First class honours degree in Fine Art from the Kent Institute of Fine Art, Canterbury, and also a Degree in Art History from University College London.

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