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Escha Van Den Bogerd - Commission a portrait
Escha Van Den Bogerd

If you're looking for a portrait painter whose paintings combine abstraction and figurative images to reinforce each other's effect, look no further than Dutch artist Escha Van Den Bogerd.

Escha is an artist of exceptional intensity who creates vibrant, realistic-looking portraits. Her artworks show great emotional power and working with acrylics on both canvas and paper she is able to paint highly detailed portraits.

Her energetically composed acrylic paintings radiate an aura of spirituality, which suggests the Orient, although their formal characteristics are wholly in the contemporary European tradition.

Escha has been painting portraits for more than ten years for clients all over the world. She also has experience with group portraits, having once painted a portrait featuring 23 people in it. Besides painting portraits, Escha also paints commissions of nudes and figurative paintings that involve faces.

Escha prefers to work from photographs, which are sent to her by the client. Photos need to show the subject's details well, with the person showing predominantly in the photo.
Her prices for a typical 80cm x 100cm canvas start at £850 and larger portraits from £1100. Portraits take only one week to complete.
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