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Lucille Hughes - Commission a portrait
Lucille Hughes

Lucille Hughes is one of Australia's artist celebrities. Lucille and her work has been featured on numerous National Australian TV shows.

This exposure has now filtered through to the UK and Europe making her work highly sort after and a sound financial investment.

Trained as a sculptor she now specialises in painting and drawing but her work obviously retains a sculptural element. It is in fact this sculptural and 3 dimensional quality that sets her works aside from conventional figurative and portraiture painting.

LondonArt is pleased to offer you this opportunity to commission an original Lucille Hughes portrait of yourself or a loved one.

All of her work is created on the computer using the very latest creative technology and then later transferred on to a material of your choice, canvas, paper etc.

Lucille is happy to create your commission in any dimension to suit your taste and environment.

All you need to do is to send her as many photographs of your chosen subject from as many different angles as possible.

Creating a portrait takes her approximately three weeks, although it will depend on the nature of the specific commission. Her prices start at £1,500 but again this will depend on the commission.