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Victoria Fontaine-Wolf - Commission a portrait
Victoria Fontaine-Wolf

Victoria Fontaine- Wolf is an internationally renowned portrait painter who has travelled all over the world to produce her portraiture. Countries include the USA, Venezuela, Martinique, Curacao, Jamaica, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Bahrain and the Channel Islands. She has also worked for Portrait Associates executing portraits in public schools, including Eton and Benenden in the UK.

"I aim to produce an excellent likeness, which expresses the character of my sitter. I want my portraits to be something that my clients will treasure in the years to come"

Travelling nationally and internationally, Victoria will work in the sitter's home. For children's portraiture she strongly recommends this as children tend to be far more comfortable in their own surroundings, allowing her to capture a better likeness.

Victoria prefers to paint from life, though if sittings are not possible e.g. posthumous portraits, or where the portrait is a surprise or the subject is unavailable, she will work from photographs. She works quickly, feeling that this makes the Portrait more spontaneous and naturally it is a great advantage with children, whose patience is limited. Victoria works in conte, pastel and oils. For a drawing she usually only needs one sitting of about one or two hours, for children generally less.

Victoria's prices start from £250 for a drawing, a half pastel ( tinted drawing) will cost from £350 and her pastel work begins at £450. For work in oils her prices start at £800 for a 40 by 30 cm piece.

For a pastel one or two sittings of the same duration may be required. For an oil painting she requires three sittings for a small head and shoulders and additional sittings for larger works. For larger painting commissions she often uses photographs in addition to the pre organised sittings. These are used as referential aid, to help her focus on clothing and background etc, and will only be used if the sitters time is limited.