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Margaret Steel - Commission a portrait
Margaret Steel

"The face is the window of the person; I find people endlessly fascinating." Says Margaret Steel.

With over twenty years experience Margerat Steel specialises in people and animal Portraiture. Having developed her own technique of painting which she calls, 'Printing by Hand' - a method which consists of initially composing her subjects in fine dots using a 0.1 mm nib rotring pen, before finally adding watercolour - she is able to reveal the finest of textures and details - the contours of a face, animal fur, and textile. The result is hyperrealist in minute detail.

"If someone who has met the sitter sees the portrait and not only remarks the likeness of him or her, but also smiles or laughs in recognition, I've arrived." she says.

Living and working in Eastern France, over the past 15 years, Margaret has held several exhibitions in the Lyon area and Switzerland. In the late nineties she had a one woman exhibition in Bourg en Bresse, France, which displayed a collection of portraits of well known local personalities, including the Mayor of Bourg en B, as well as family and friends.

Ideally Margaret would prefer to meet the sitter in person to get to know them and get a feel for the sort of portrait they require. She will then take a range of photographs for use once back in her studio. If a sitting is not possible, she will require a range of photographs depicting the sitter in a range of different environments, with at least one or two photographs which give her a clear idea of the figure.

Margaret always works on Arches Aquarelle rag paper in a 300 g weight, with either watercolour, or pen and ink and watercolour. Margaret Steel will work in a variety of sizes but for a general idea of her prices, a portrait in watercolour, measuring 30cm x 42 cm will cost approximately £500. For a portrait in pen & ink and watercolour, measuring 30cm x 42 cm her prices start at £1500. A watercolour portrait of this size would take about two weeks, where a pen and ink and watercolour portrait would take approximately two months.
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