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Mei Yim Low - Commission a portrait
Mei Yim Low

“I have enjoyed drawing and painting faces for as long as I can remember.” Mei Yim Low.

Specialising in children’s portraiture, Mei Yim Low studied at Canterbury College of Art, and Kingston University, London. Graduating in the late seventies her work has developed consistently and coherently over the last 25 years. Her reliable and dependable approach to portraiture has built a formidable reputation and strong client base, with work and publications in public and private collections worldwide.

“The fascination for faces is a basic human instinct. We are identified mainly by our faces. Our sense of self is formed largely from our relationship with others via their facial expressions. Our innermost thoughts and emotions are so often displayed on our faces. Our spirits shine through our faces.” Mei Yim Low.

Mei Yim Low’s powerful portraits reflect a desire to capture more than the physical likeness of the sitter. Measuring the success of a portrait by its ability to capture and reflect the sitter’s spirit and personality, her work is both meticulous and conscientious in its approach. Her sense of diligence and sensitivity for her subjects, serves to enhance the experience of commissioning a portrait. “The parents of the children whose portraits I painted were thrilled and surprised at the likeness. One of the comments was that I’d captured not only their child’s physical appearance but also their spirit. This, I felt was the greatest of compliments, coming from parents who would be the best critics and judges of the work.”

Although Mei Yim Low specialises in children’s portraiture, she is happy to undertake commissions of, ‘people of any age or nationality’. Working on your portrait exclusively form photographs, she is happy for you to provide the images via She requires a selection of good quality colour photographs with enough tone to describe the form. These may be sent by email or by traditional post. She is also happy for you to visit her studio in London where she will take the photographs for you.

Depending on the nature of the commission her work could take anything up to two weeks to complete. Mei Yim Low’s prices generally range between £250 and £400 depending on the scale and nature of the commission.

To view Low’s work, general exhibition pages and to look at her biography please follow this link

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