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Eric Jobbins - Commission a portrait
Eric Jobbins

For Eric Jobbins, capturing the essence of the sitter’s personality is as important as representing their physical likeness. Central to his belief that a successful portrait should act as an immortal record, is his desire to create a portrait which brings to life the sitters character and emotional well being.
Eric Jobbins began accepting professional portrait commissions in his early twenties, and has worked steadily since then from his London based studio. Preferring to work from sittings as apposed to photographs, he uses a variety of drawing mediums, including conte, graphite and charcoal. In keeping with his traditional approach to portraiture his paintings are created in oil on canvas.

Although Eric is content to work from photographs (which have been created for or have inspired the idea for a specific composition) his preference is to work direcetly from life. “I prefer to start with 2 hour sittings with numerous breaks (15 – 20 minutes per sitting with a five to ten minute break). As the portrait progresses I find that the sitter is comfortable with longer sessions and fewer breaks.” He says.

Price Guide and Timescale Outline

The following information is an approximate guide only. All commissions will be assessed by the artist and agreed by the client on an individual basis.

• A3 Pencil drawing on paper will cost £170 and will take 1 to 2 weeks to complete (approx).
• Head portrait in oil on canvas measuring 12 x 16 inches/30 x40 cm will cost £500 and will take four months to cpmplete (approx).
• Head and shoulder portrait in oil on canvas measuring 20 x 24 inches/50 x 60 cm will cosy £850 and will take upto six months to complete (approx).
• Seated figure in oil on canvas measuring 24 x 30 inches/60 x 75 cm will cost £1400 and take ten to twelve months to complete.

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