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Duncan Brannan - Commission a portrait
Duncan Brannan

Duncan Brannan paints portraits and abstract work, using each to inform the other with use of colour and brush work. His portrait work has been warmly received by a number of private clients in the UK. Duncan prefers to meet his client and model, allowing him to get to know their character, discuss their expectations for the finished piece, and take photographs and sketches as required. However, work can also be made from a photograph alone.

Pricing will vary according to size and the style required, as a loose portrait is quicker than a detailed one. Unless otherwise specified, Duncan works on canvas that is stretched and primed by hand. As a guide, prices will range from about £900 for a 50cm x 50cm piece to £3000 for a 150cm x 150cm piece. On average a commission from Duncan will take around 6 weeks for completion.
Hypernarrative - Detail - Anna
Hypernarrative - Detail - Kate
Avatar Portrait Series - Sarah