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Adam Edwards - Commission a portrait
Adam Edwards

Adam is an accomplished portrait painter and has been taking commissions for four years. His engaging and visceral style often renders haunting pieces that draw on the complex relationship between artist, sitter and viewer. As an artist, Adam is constantly growing and changing, by commissioning a portrait from him, you are not only immortalising someone, but taking part in the evolution of a rising talent in the art scene.

A commission will usually take between three and six weeks, depending on size and complexity. As Adam works in oil paints only, drying time should be taken into consideration as well. The artist will take several life studies and photographs during the sittings, which will preferably be conducted at the sitter’s home, work or other location where he/she is at ease and comfortable. If this is not possible, he welcomes sitters to visit him at his studio.

The studies and photographs will form the basis of the work, which will be composed separately. If possible, Adam will work with informal photographs taken by family and friends of the sitter also. These will of course be returned upon completion of the project.

The artist will communicate regularly with the commissioner, advising and discussing the project in length before beginning, ensuring the piece meets the commissioner’s requirements, while maintaining artistic integrity.

Adam is happy to arrange the framing of the finished piece, at the client’s convenience.

Drawings in ink or pastel start at £250.

A single portrait measuring around 30 x 40cm would cost around £400 unframed.

A larger piece of approximately 50 x 60cm will start at around £600 unframed.

Adam is happy to work on larger pieces, double and group portraits, and triptychs. These will start at approximately £900 unframed, subject to the specifics of the commission.

Boy Crying
Girl Crying