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Stanley Peach - Commission a portrait
Stanley Peach

Stanley Peach is an artist with a growing reputation and following.

He has been producing portraits both as paintings and photographs for many years, as well as painting wildlife portraits for illustration and publication.

He has a very keen eye for capturing the detail and his portraits are not just about a likeness, it is the essence, mood and the moment that is important, he likes to ‘steel a moment’ of the sitters time.

Stanley is a multi talented artist working mainly in oils, but can also produce works in acrylic, watercolour and graphite. His photographs are printed on high quality archival paper, using the latest printing technology to ensure permanence of image. All artwork and photographs can be supplied framed ready for hanging and all artworks frames are handmade and finished to very highest of standards.

He works from both sitting and photographs, which he prefers to take himself and artwork can be supplied to almost any size to suit specific areas of dwellings, boardrooms etc.

Stanley works throughout the uk and aboard, with artwork prices starting from £500 and photographs from £150

Stuart O