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Kasia Turajczyk - Commission a portrait
Kasia Turajczyk

My heart lies with painting human faces and human bodies. I think the human face is intriguing and I think that he painting is more charming than the photograph. The face lives and it is never the same. The past, the present, the character, the feelings, the colours and odour, it is that what can be seen from one’s face.

When I start a new portrait, a new painting I am very excited about it. Lots of interesting questions about the person/ the photograph that I have in front of me . How will I find the person’s true ego? Which colour on the pallet should I use to express one’s inner personality?

When I make a portrait I prefer the person posing, but it is also possible for me to paint a portrait from a picture or sketch. If it is possible, I like to make series of photos by myself.

The only way to secure a portrait is to commission it. The exact size and shape can be nominated and the portrait scene of your choice can be painted with particular attention to your preferences for specific atmosphere.

Your commission price will vary lower or higher depending on the degree of complexity of the portrait requested. Pricing is done on an individual basis these are only rough guidelines for an approximate cost. Any size portrait or painting is available.

Working from a client's photographs

If working from a photo I will prefer to have a range of photographs from the same person in order to understand the character of the person. And I prefer also to make shots by myself if it is possible.

Typical procedure for commissioning a painting

A client makes an initial inquiry and a dialogue is established about the portrait, the size and any other preferences. (I will wish to see any reference material you may have at this time.)

I will respond with a price for the finished artwork and an approximate time-frame for completion. A deposit of 30% is usually required for the commission to begin (for small sizes 50%) and an agreement is to be signed. I undertake the painting project and send jpg. images of the near-completed work. If no changes are required (there have never been any) the painting is completed and the client notified when it is dry enough for packaging and shipping. On receipt of the remaining funds the painting is shipped.

While I am painting the portrait, it may be possible for you to watch the progress online.

Send photos for layout design and pricing via email or just send an email to discuss your order. Be sure to include the required painting size. If you prefer to send photos through the mail, please email me for my mailing address. (I could be in the Netherlands at this moment or I could be in England).

Approximate prices for oil portraits:

30cm x 40cm from £350

40cm x 60cm from £880

70cm x 90cm from £2200

(with two faces 50% extra)

Whole figure from £5300

Portraits in other techniques possible.
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