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Patricia Clements SWA - Commission a portrait
Patricia Clements SWA

Patricia Clements has been painting private portrait commissions for over the past 10 years or so. She started painting family portraits even when she was at art college but more seriously taking on commissions laterley.

My approach is predominantly impressionistic but I can do more detailed work it depends on what affect the subject wants.
I like to sketch the subject at the convenience of the sitter and take photographs in their house or at mine.
I use pastels for the more informal smaller ( 10" x 14") head portraits of animals like "Lola" the dog and "Bob" the cat.
For the head and shoulders and larger portraits I use Acrylic and oil paints where I can get more detail.

If the subject is far away or not possible to visit then I would like to be supplied with good clear photographs provided by the the client.
Digital photos are considered. But I like to sketch the subject and take lots of my own phtos if possible

Her work ranges from portraits of animals like Lola and Bob which are pastels starting from £750

Head and shoulders of one subject in oils from £900 sizes from 18" x 14. " Approx

Double portraits in oils, example Terry and Bob, from £1200 Approx

Larger commissions 30" x 24", example "Vera ninety eight", start from about £1400

These prices are all examples and can vary to size medium etc.
Vera at ninety eight
Bob and Terry