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Renate Buckley - Commission a portrait
Renate Buckley

Renate Buckley
Born 1976. Riga, Latvia

1992 -1997 Studied Riga school of Design and Art
2000 - 2003 Jurmala art school - Specialised in Russian icon paintings
2003 - 2007 Art Acadamy of Latvia - Painting department

Displayed works in group exhibitions

2007 - Date - Working and living in London

My works can be found in local galleries and private collections

I 'work in oils on canvas. In recent years I have worked mainly on portraits which I have always been interested in. All my portraits are monochrome. The idea of my paintings starts with a photograph or image but develops into my own vision of the person. I search through magazines, websites or even family photographs to try and find an image that tells a story. The end result has to be more than an image, the painting has to show the beauty of the moment.
Baby Girl
A Girl