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Commission a painting
Artists paint for many reasons. A need to express themselves and to create a vision of reality which helps them understand and appreciate their life is a huge driving force - as well as communicating this to an audience. Falling in love with an artist’s painting, owning it and displaying it your home is an equally inspiring experience. Commissioning a painting made especially for you takes this idea one step further and enables you to participate in the creative process as well as the final artistic vision. Whatever your inspiration one of our talented painters can help you visualize and celebrate your idea of beauty. If you have a specific landscape, building or concept, or if you already enjoy the work of one of our artists’ but would like to own it in a specific size, colour or medium we can arrange this for you.
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Stand Beneath The Wind
Martin Devine
price: £300 - £2000, examples: 2
A little bit lost near Ipsden
Peter Lancaster
price: £300 - £2000, examples: 2
Tate Sisters
price: £300 - £2000, examples: 0