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Usha Parmar

My paintings are about colour inspired by animal camouflage and landscapes. The work on the whole is abstract at first glance, blurring to the eye, then focussing in to reveal remnants and echos of wildlife.

1996-98 M.A Painting, Royal College of Art
1988-91 B.A(Hons) Fine Art Painting, University Central England
1987-88 Foundation in Art & Design, University Central England
Solo Exhibitions
2001 - Fore St. Gallery london,
1999 Link Gallery - Hull
1996 Hieroglyph, Wolverhampton Gallery - Wolverhampton Transitions, Contact Gallery - Norwich Group Exhibitions
1999 Blackfriars Arts Centre - Lincolnshire Don't Smoke in my House, Cremer St - London Appt. II, Ottoways - Leeds
1998 Assault, The Brick House - London
1997 Swell, RCA - London
1996 Mavis Goes Shopping, Camden Library - London
1995 Reach, AAV - London Spital Show, Spital Gallery - London
1994 Massive Miniatures, British Council - Bombay Gallery Seven Bombay - Canada Postcard, MS University - Baroda
1993 Rich, Icon Touring - Birmingham Awards
1998 ABSA Travel Award, Bilbao - Spain
1997 Bundy Travel Award - Mexico ABSA Travel Award, New York
1993-4 Dippon Label sponorship for residency in Baroda, India.
1998 RCA 1997 Swell RCA Rennaisance, Aylsford Press
1996 Evening Post, Birmingham
1994 The Sunday Times of India Indian Express Baroda on Sunday
1993 Meeting Point, Wolverhampton Art Gallery Rich, Ikon Touring - Ikon Gallery Collections:
Tubular Industies, Aysford Press, Wolverhampton Gallery, British Council Contemporary Arts Collection, UCE Collection.