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Peter Dodds

My current passion is exploring the use of colour, creating a strong sense of perspective & excellent composition design/selection in townscapes and seascapes expressed in the medium of oil on canvas.

Clever use of a limited colour palette while enhancing a painting also pulls the entire composition together. Complementary colours such as the green/crimson used in the Florence painting (sold in the juried exhibition at a Sandbach gallery) is startlingly effective.

Combining this with accurate representation of tone value in the foreground, middleground and background representing accurately aerial perspective as well as illuminated & shadow areas creates a visual feast (see Venice Canal painting).

Excellent composition design amongst other things demands at least one clear focal point, the flow of limes & forms leading the viewers attention from some or all points in the painting to the focal point. Good use of tonal contrast enhances a composition too (J.M.W. Turner was a master of this). See my large seascape for an example of these.

In a previous period to the above work I explored abstract (none representational) art.

These abstract paintings utilise mediums as diverse as acrylic, watercolour, emulsion & oil on panels, canvas boards & stretched canvas. Designs are diverse exploring the use of exciting colour palettes.

Compositions vary from bold geometric to subtle flowing scumbled styles of abstract.

I am an English artist still resident in the U.K.

My work is continuously evolving and can be viewed in this gallery.