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Fabio Rota

“My paintings do not aim at being oppressive, do not aim at being giants, smashing the observer, they do not aim at being overwhelming or at inspiring anguish. My paintings are mirrors for reality. Presences of flesh, living witnesses to the human condition, in all its breadth and variety of content. The black background is the Other, shapeless and formless, the infinitely repeated nothing that exalts the strength of a life taking possession of itself; it is the inertia, jealous of movement and thus keeping it under the constant threat of its siege. Yes, there is rage: tension of muscles, spasms and contortions…; it is the answer to blackness, the price paid for being alive, the cry of pain in exchange for our own voice…It explains my predilection for those Masters with a powerful sign…The re-elaboration of mythological themes, characterising my most recent phase, uses a more careful cultural mediation as a discourse about – and with – memory snatched from blackness. Is my painting an evasion? Yes, from blackness…..And here is my highest ambition for whomsoever watches my paintings: a hymn to feeling alive, to take shape evading from blackness….”


2003 Cremona, National Competition Cremona 2000 – Prize ‘Luigi Valenti’, 1st Qualified Section “ New Figuration”
2001 Suzzara, Mantua, 1st Edition of the graphic painting and sculpture Review, 1st qualified
2000 Legnago, Verona, ‘G.B. Cavalcaselle’ Prize, 3rd qualified
1998 Ostiglia, Mantua, ‘Arte nel Tempo’ painting prize
1998 Moglia, Mantua, 22nd City of Moglia national prize, 1st qualified, figurative prize
1997 Moglia, Mantua, 22nd City of Moglia national prize, 3rd qualified, figurative prize


2003 Art Gallery ‘I 4 GATTI’, Reggio Emilia
2002 Polirone Abbey, S. Benedetto Po, Mantua
2002 Parma, ‘Artisti in Fiera’, Ficre Centre
2002 Suzzara, Mantua, Art Gallery 2E
2001 Reggio Emilia, ‘Sali & Tabacchi’ Club
2001 Reggio Emilia, Historic Centre Boutiques
2000 Reggio Emilia, Bondavalli Palace
2000 Luzzara, Reggio Emilia, Villarotta Castle
1999 Reggio Emilia, Caffè Royal
1999 Gualtieri, Reggio Emilia, Bentivoglio Gonzaga Palace
1998 Reggio Emilia, Caffè Mirò
1998 Reggiolo, Reggio Emilia, Rocca di Matilde


2002 MUSEUM, 7th Modern and contemporary art market exhibition, Parma
2000 Sassuolo, Modena, Gallery ‘Salotto dell’arte’
2000 Seriate, Bergamo, Gallery F.A.L.P.A
2000 S. Benedetto Po, Mantua, Modern Art Gallery of S. Benedetto Po
1999 Castelnovo Sotto, Reggio Emilia, Chiesa Monumentale della Madonna
1998 Mentana, Rome, National Garibaldian Museum
1998 Pontecchio Marconi, Bologna, Club ‘Altopiano’
1998 Reggio Emilia, Grand Hotel Astoria Mercure


2002 Art Gallery ‘I 4 GATTI’, Reggio Emilia


2001 Reggio Emilia, Cloisters of S. Domenico, organisation of all summer (June-September) season Saturday evening cultural events on behalf of Voluptas Café
2000 Reggio Emilia, Cavallerizza Theatre, “Volti Silenziosi” show, scenery and sets
2000 Reggio Emilia, Palazzo Bondavalli, “Jeans Soul” Clothing art, an itinerant show of pictorial works on denim jeans


Modern art collection of the municipality of Gualtieri, Reggio Emilia
Modern art collection of the municipality of Luzzara, Reggio Emilia
Modern art gallery collection of the municipality of Legnago, Verona


Genus Trado Art Gallery collection, Mantua
Caramaschi collection, Mantua
Della Valle collection, Reggio Emilia
Halemi collection, Reggio Emilia
Santini collection, Reggio Emilia
Sassi collection, Reggio Emilia
Cadoppi collection, Reggio Emilia
F.A.I.P.A. Art Gallery collection, Seriate, Bergamo
Bondavalli collection, Reggio Emilia
Mussini collection, Reggio Emilia
Pacifico collection, Reggio Emilia
Colli collection, Reggio Emilia
Ricci collection, Reggio Emilia