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Vahram Harutyunyan


Data of birth

11.11.1958, Yerevan

Since 1975 studied painting in the studio of Ashot Melkonyan
1981, Kh. Abovyan institute

1982, Member of Youth Society of Artists’ Union of the USSR
1985, Member of Artists’ Union of the USSR
Since 1991, Member of Artists’ Union of Armenia
1991, Member of Artists’ Union of Russia
1993, Member of Professional Artists’ Union (UNESCO)

Since 1980 has been exhibited in State, All-Union and international
exhibitions The member of the Union of Artists of Armenia, Russia,
UNESCO. His works are in private collections in the USA, Russia,
Switzerland, Italy, Korea, Luxembourg, France, Germany, in the
picture gallery of Gharbagh, in the museum of Modern Art of
Armenia etc.
He gives his preference to the Armenian miniatures which originate
from the time of Renaissance.
Realist, Universe is the ball and also the Earth. The man is also ball
but it’s secrete what sistde is.
“The space is a sphere, so is the Earth. The man is a sphere. But we
don’t know yet which sphere is where.
This is really unknown though we have stopped into the 21st century”.

1990, Tokyo
1991, “Bremen Hafen” (Wiesbaden, Germany)
1991, “Del Bello Gallery” (Toronto, Canada)
1992, South Korea
1993, Moscow
1993, Detroit (USA)
1994, Detroit (USA)
1994, Saint -Galen, Zurich, Switzerland
1994, Museum of Modern Art
1995, Moscow
1996, Yerevan
1997, Russia
1997, Germany
1998, Austria
1998-99, Auction “Doroteum”
1998, Austria, Vienna
1999, Yerevan
1999, Germany
2000, Moscow
2000, ACCEA
2001, Tehran Modern Art
2002, Germany
2003, Russia, Moscow
2004, England, London
2005, Armenia, Yerevan
2005, Russia
2006, France-Trua
2006, France
2006, Germany
2006, Italy, Milan
2008, China – Beijing, International Art Biennale
2009, USA, Los Angeles

1987, Poland
1993, Saint-Galen, Basel, Lugano, Switzerland
1993, “Europ’ Art-93” International exhibition (Geneva, Switzerland)
1994, Saint - Galen, Baden, Switzerland
1996, Yerevan
1997, Yerevan
1998, Vig Art Club (Vienna, Austria)
2002, Klausenbauernhof, Germany
2003, Germany
2004, London
2005, Moscow
2006, Armenia, Yerevan
2008, James Gray Gallery (LA, USA)