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Ladi’ was born in Campli a small village in the green region of Abruzzo in the middle of Italy where she still lives with her family. She describes herself as a figurative painter. The combination of colours with the most valuable materials like the silk brocade, lace and different varieties of fabric, highlights a characteristic of her paintings. Her own style has always been following a personal and intimate way to communicate her constant research of the spirituality of the human being without the influence of any market or trends. The collection owned by her family count more than 500 original paintings made between 1984 and 2002. Many works are ownership of public corporate body and private collectors in Italy and abroad.
Individual and Collective Exhibitions


Galleria dell'Anfiteatro

Palazzo Farnese

Premio Arte

Ascoli Piceno
Sala sei Mercatori

Galleria del Cenacolo

Lo Svarietto

Circolo Culturale

San Remo
Palais des Artes

Ponzone Biellese
Galleria Magenta

Biblioteca Comunale

Palazzolo Acreide
Palazzo del Municipio

Isola di Caprera

Alba Adriatica
Galleria Mirň

Chiostro S.Domenico

Sala Mostre

Arte Fiera

Montorio al Vomano
Galleria Bauta

Miramare di Rimini
Mini Hotel

Circolo Teramano

Premio Arte

Premio 'Rivista Arte'

Civitella del Tronto
Fortezza Borboni

Manifestazione di Castellarte

Mostra dei Cento Presepi

Galleria 'Il Rivellino'

Sala S.Giovanni degli Almadiani

Rest of the World

Palazzo Esposizioni

International Art Show


An artist by turn thoughtful, sensitive and refined, she expresses herself on canvas by means of a novel use of tone, colour and images; she speaks of a long suffering artistic incubation which explodes, at times in an orgy of strong colours, used in light and shade, at other times in delicate tones - none of which are fantasies, but rather states of mind projected on to the canvas with an incisive expressive ability.

E. Mambella, Journalist

..And so it is, that the artist, not running away from real life, reveals that distant small world, until now sealed in the depths of the soul, together with her own contemporaneous suffering, so as to almost transmit, restrained in its tone, but raucous in its verbal cromatism, a subtle love song… of hope.

S.Coccia, Art Critic and Poet

All Ladí's ladies - from those dedicated to motherhood to those more sensual or ironic, confused, melancholic and statuesque - have a physical intensity, a subtleness of form, outline and volume which almost makes you want to caress them.

And these female figures do in fact caress themselves, almost as if to emphasise the preciousness of the female body - the eternal source of life and love.

It is a self-embrace which passes from woman to woman, a communication between mother and child, an interior physical sense of sensuality and spirituality.

Silvia Manetta, Didactic Director

The sinuous lines in Ladí's paintings convey vibrations, memories, ambivalent feelings and deep emotion by means of the positions and expressions of the figures.

The bright and mellow colours illuminate the features and emphasise the sense of the inner being caught in that precise moment.

Ladí's women express liberty, emotion and passion; aided by the absence of a temporal context they pursue and follow on each other thus breaking through the confines of space and multiply themselves in an infinite distance.

The creative fantasy of Ladí expresses reality in all its rawness and languid honesty and creates figures which are not metaphorical but rather representative of the intuitive and imaginative ability of human beings.

Eva Puliti, Poetess

In Ladí's paintings you notice a light which expresses joy, tension, psychological activity, thereby making the language of communication even more mysterious.
La Gazzetta Biellese [press]

The variety of techniques and deep bright colours which the artist uses on the canvas convey an explosion of emotions which succeed in completely penetrating the spectator who, through Ladí's art, succeeds in becoming aware of the elements of his or her life.

T. Patriarca, La Tenda [press]

Ladí, a name which penetrates the soul and conveys with considerable mastery sensations, feelings and moments of ecstasy and loss by means of a simple but decisive use of line and colours which are full of life and rich in precious and profound messages. Through their mystical gaze, Ladí's figures delicately reconstruct the past and anticipate a future characterized by great expressive liberty, thanks to the continual search for innovative solutions, with the profound desire to construct a new picture capable of conveying through the richness of colour, the feelings which irrevocably link man to the earth and the universe. Woman is the strong element in Ladí's pictures, woman who hides in her womb the mystery of life and who by means of a deep and penetrating look transcends the confines of the being, who presents herself with certainty in the fantasy dimension of dream and approaches a reality which transcends life on earth. The infinity of the messages, the delicacy of the colours, the purity of line, the continual pursuit, place Ladí's work beyond the constraints of fashion and time in a dimension which, without a shadow of doubt transports us into the very essence of life, a fantastic kaleidoscope in the magic of being.

Giuliano Deli, Writer